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Do you have the gift of time and presence to share? Grane Hospice Care desires compassionate, caring adults to volunteer individually or as a group As a volunteer, you will become a member of a specialized group of healthcare professionals whose purpose is to make the patient’s end of life as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

There are many ways that volunteering can be accomplished: sharing music, holding a hand, pet therapy, reading aloud, or simply taking the time to listen. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of others with Grane Hospice Care, please submit the Volunteer application below. Our Volunteer Coordinator in your area will contact you shortly about this inspiring opportunity and answer any questions you may have.

Ongoing training and support are provided as you embark on this meaningful journey.

Ongoing training and support are provided as you embark on this meaningful journey.
Thank you for your interest in Grane Hospice Care and have a great day!

Grane Hospice Volunteer Application
Personal Information
*Are you 18 years old or older?
Yes       No

*Have you ever pleaded guilty to or been convicted of a crime other than a misdemeanor?
Yes       No

*Have you been a resident of Pennsylvania for at least 10 years? Proof of PA Residency Necessary.
Yes       No

Emergency Contact

Two Personal References (excluding family members)

Do you speak any languages other than English?
Are you licensed to provide any professional services? (i.e. hairdresser, massage, etc.)?
Do you have any special talents that our patients may be able to enjoy (i.e. musician, gardening, art, etc.)?

Areas of Interest (check all that apply)

 Art Therapy
Display your artistic abilities or assist patients in the expression of theirs.
Supporting family members after the loss of a loved one through cards, phone calls or visits.
 Caretaker Relief
Provide companionship for a patient while the full-time caretaker takes a break from his or her patient.
Office assistance with filing, creating Admission/Consent Packets, copying, mailings, etc.  These tasks can be completed in the office or your own home.  
Create hand-made items for the comfort & happiness of patients. (Cards, lap blankets, floral arrangements; Etc.)
 Direct Patient Care
Provide friendly visits & read to, talk with, hold a hand or take patients outdoors. Non-medical  
Schools, Churches or Community Outreach groups can share time or gifts with our patients through musical performances, encouragement cards, visits, etc.
 Music Therapy
Play your instrument or use your voice in song for the pleasure of our patients.
 Pet Therapy
Share your trained dog with our patients who are animal lovers. (The minimum of a Canine Good Citizen Certification desired.)
 Tuck-in Call
Friendly weekly phone calls to home patients to say hello and inquire about their medication & supply needs prior to a weekend or holiday.
Share your comforting presence with a family & our patients in the final hours of their earthly life. 
 Patient Support
Phone calls, messages, etc
If you are interested in working specifically with those who served in our military

Relevant Experience

Do you have reliable transportation?
Yes       No

Do you prefer to visit a specific gender?
Male       Female       Both

Do you have any allergies? (i.e. cats, dogs, cigarette smoke?)

I hereby certify that the statements made on this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that by submitting this application I authorize inquiries to be made concerning my employment, character and public records in determining suitability as a volunteer.
Fields highlighted require attention.
Volunteer Requirements
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Completion of Appropriate Training
  • Two step TB Test (Direct Patient Care volunteers only)
  • Drug Screening (Direct Patient Care Volunteers only)
  • Weekly Check-Ins (Direct Patient Care Volunteers only)
  • Good organization for tracking hours, mileage and care
Please note: the Background Check, TB test and Drug Screening are covered by Grane Hospice and we reimburse for mileage and craft expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Are other people as nervous as I feel about this undertaking?
Answer: Yes! The training is aimed to eliminate much of this feeling as you will learn about what to say, how to listen & help.

Question: What if the patient/family does not want me to help?
Answer: The volunteer coordinator, nurse, social worker or another member of the Grane Hospice team will make the initial contact to determine whether the patient/family would like to receive volunteer visits.

Question: Will I have to make the initial visit on my own?
Answer: The volunteer coordinator will make introductions for you during your first visit and ensure you feel comfortable before you make future visits on your own.  

Question: What is taken into consideration when matching the volunteer with the patient/family?
Answer: Location is one main factor.  Your desires & interests as a volunteer are also taken into consideration.  

Question: How much time is required of me as a volunteer?
Answer: Your initial training and introduction will require approximately 4 hours. The time you spend visiting a patient or assisting with office work will be flexibly dependent on your personal desire and schedule.

Question: Will I have to spend money for the person I am helping?
Answer: No. You are not expected to spend any money. In fact you will be reimbursed for your mileage and any money spent on items for crafts for the patient.     

Question: How will I personally benefit from this experience?
Answer: You will learn relational skills which will be invaluable in your personal life. You will also receive the satisfaction of helping someone in need. The blessing is almost impossible to describe.  

Question: Will I have any supervision?
Answer: A volunteer coordinator will be available to guide and encourage you. Furthermore, staff will be available in the facilities in case of a patient emergency.
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