Physician Services

Our medical directors actively participate with the admissions and eligibility decisions with our patients.

What are physician services as they pertain to hospice?

We keep our patient’s Primary Care Physician (PCP) as the director of care. Our staff makes sure the patient’s PCP is informed of all of their wants and needs. Our hospice team also employs a Medical Director who oversees all clinical aspects of hospice care and provides medical education to community and facility staff. These physicians actively participate in the admission, eligibility and recertification decisions and actively participate with in-home visits to hospice patients. The Grane Medical Director provides overall direction for the hospice staff.

Grane Hospice Services include:

  • On-Call Hospice Support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Pain Management – Treatments to help with pain and discomfort
  • Symptom Management – Treatments to aid with anxiety, breathing, nausea and other symptoms
  • Medication Coordination – Allows the proper medication to be available when needed
  • Medical Equipment Coordination – Provides the necessary equipment for comfort management
  • Registered Nurse Visits – Scheduled to meet your individualized hospice care plan
  • Nurse Aide Visits – Scheduled to aid with personal care: bathing, feeding, dressing and other duties
  • Medical Social Services – Counseling and emotional support with social and financial issues
  • Spiritual Services – Assist and support patient and family with spiritual needs and facilitate interaction with community clergy
  • Volunteer Visits – Scheduled for companionship, errands and light duties
  • Unlimited Bereavement Services – Unlimited bereavement services to all hospice family members

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