Hospice Volunteer Services

Grane Hospice refers to their volunteers as Earth Angels—because that’s exactly who they are.

Our volunteers are mature, reliable and compassionate people who provide services to you and your family. Whether in your home or in a facility, our volunteers will provide companionship, help with simple errands, ensure peace of mind, provide clerical services or will create crafts to lift your spirits. Our hospice volunteers are screened and receive comprehensive, specialized hospice training to ensure reliable and compassionate care. Our focus is to provide comfort and dignity when faced with a terminal illness. Grane Hospice provides a team-oriented approach to care that includes medical, social, emotional and spiritual support during this difficult time.

The Services Our Volunteers Provide

  • Talking, reading to patients, holding their hands and taking for walks outside.
  • Relieving caregivers by providing companionship to patients so they can run errands or personal things
  • Community outreach groups that will work with schools and churches to share time and gifts through music performances, visits or encouragement cards
  • Provide “Tuck-in Calls”, which are friendly, weekly phone calls to home patients for medication reminders, supply needs or just to say hello
  • Pet Therapy volunteers share their trained dogs with patients who love animals
  • Create hand-made crafts such as cards, lap blankets, memory bears, and floral arrangements to bring comfort and happiness to patients
  • Vigil Volunteers share a comforting presence with a patient and their family in their final hours
  • Bereavement volunteers support family members after a loss of a loved one through cards, phone calls and visits

Quote From a Volunteer

“Volunteering my time to help Grane Hospice patients has been personally rewarding for me in so many ways. I feel like I get out way more than I give many times. It is very self-satisfying to be there for those in need, knowing I am making a difference.”

Lynda, Volunteer

benefits of teddy bears for adults

Memory bears created by our
Pittsburgh Hospice volunteers.

Become a Volunteer

Do you have the gift of time and presence to share? There are many ways that volunteering can be accomplished: sharing music, holding a hand, pet therapy, reading aloud, or simply taking the time to listen.

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