Indiana County Hospice

Grane Hospice Care is a locally owned Hospice Company that provides a higher level of Hospice Care to our patients in and around Indiana County Hospice.

Hospice Care Services in Indiana County

Grane Hospice Care is a locally owned and operated hospice company providing hospice care in Indiana County, PA. All of our Caregivers and staff live in the same communities we service. We extend Hospice Services in Armagh, Blairsville, Glen Campbell, Indiana, Homer City, Saltsburg, Armstrong Twp., Conemaugh Twp., White Twp., Green Twp. and all of the other surrounding communities in Indiana County PA.

Hospice Care Indiana County A Safe and Efficient Transition Home

Indiana County, PA has an estimated population of 87,706 people living in approximately 827 square miles. Indiana Regional Medical Center services Indiana County for its hospital needs. No matter where you have been hospitalized, Grane Hospice Care services are available to you and provide hospice services anywhere in Indiana County.

Indiana County Hospice

260 Alpha Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone: 412-963-6310
Toll Free: 1-800-379-0129
Fax: 412-447-7977
Compliance Hotline: 844-873-1945

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