Huntingdon County Hospice

Grane Hospice Care is a locally owned Hospice Company that provides a higher level of Hospice Care to our patients in and around Huntingdon County Hospice.

Hospice Care Services in Huntingdon County

Grane Hospice Care is a locally owned and operated hospice company providing hospice care in Huntingdon County, PA. Our Caregivers and staff live in the same communities we service. We extend Hospice Services in Huntingdon, Alexandria, Birmingham, Coalmont, Mapleton, Markelsburg, Mill Creek, Mount Union, Shade Gap, Three Springs, Barree Twp., Clay Twp., Cromwell Twp., Juniata Twp. and many other surrounding communities in Huntingdon County PA.

A Safe and Efficient Transition Home in Huntingdon County

Huntingdon County, PA has an estimated population of 45,750 people living in approximately 875 square miles. Huntingdon County is serviced by J.C. Memorial Hospital. No matter where you have been hospitalized, Grane Hospice Care services are available to you and provide hospice services in Huntingdon County.

Huntingdon County Hospice

115 Union Avenue
Altoona, PA 16602
Phone: 814-381-0100
Toll Free: 1-866-383-4156
Fax: 814-381-0195
Compliance Hotline: 844-873-1945

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