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COVID-19: Coronavirus - Information Update

Throughout Pennsylvania, many counties will be making the transition from ‘Red’ to ‘Yellow’ on Friday, May 15th 2020. However, this does not mean ‘business as usual’ just yet. There are still important restrictions put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients, staff, and communities. We will continue to take all necessary precautions to ensure we are caring for our patients in a safe manner, below are just a few steps that we will be following at Grane Hospice Care:

      • Continue to practice social distancing
      • Staff must continue to wear masks
      • Proper PPE must continue to be utilized in necessary environment
      • Those who can work remotely will continue to so do
      • Virtual visits provided, when this is the best course of action
      • Adhere to the rules set forth by our community partners to safeguard our patients and other residents within our service areas

Remember, we are all in this together. 

Stay Safe, 

Grane Hospice Care




Grane Hospice is continuing to monitor and assess the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As we continue to work with other healthcare providers, we, at Grane Hospice, have implemented new precautions to maintain the health of not only our patients but of our staff.


We have implemented health screenings for any patient, visitor, healthcare provider or volunteer that may have come in contact with the COVID-19 infection. Our staff continues to reach out to each facility to discuss personal protective equipment and assess each facilities needs on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, we have suspended all auxiliary services including volunteer and Pampered Patient visits, but remain available via telephone or e-mail for any needs.


We continue to follow the appropriate CDC guidelines, follow industry leading organizations such as the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO),  and we will continue to update our network as new information is made available.

Grane Hospice Care is committed to advocating for our patients at all times—especially in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are working with other healthcare providers as more information becomes available.  Grane Hospice Care will continue to adhere to guidance set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), and other official sources.  At the time of this communication, we are aware of the lockdown in Montgomery County—one of the counties in our service area.  Our office in Montgomery County will adhere to the directions given by Governor Tom Wolf.  It is important to note that the lockdown does not prevent healthcare professionals from delivering care to their patients.  This event is complex and ever evolving at this point in time. Grane Hospice Care will continue to provide the highest level of service to our patients and facilities as we are able to during this episode.

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