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Medical Social Services, Spiritual Services and Bereavement Services

Grane Hospice has a professional care team that provides the Medical, Spiritual, and Bereavement counseling needed for the patient and their family. We assist you with many of the tasks that seem so difficult during this time. We help the patient and family in coming to terms with dying. We assist in tasks that make dying a less complicated grieving process.
Medical Social Services
Medical worry can also be stressful for a family facing a terminal illness. We assist in the organization, coordination and implementation of the necessary paperwork and daily medical coordination including Medicare Hospice Benefit and private insurance forms. Our Medical Social Worker provides emotional support to the hospice patient, family and facility staff (if applicable). They also provide ongoing education, information and assistance on available Grane Hospice services. The Medical Social Worker will make an initial visit to a new hospice patient within 5 days of admission and will continue seeing the patient on a monthly basis.
The Medical Social Worker will discuss and assist in:
  • Advanced Directives (Living Wills, Power of Attorney's & DNR's)
  • The Hospice process
  • The need for Respite care and coordination with the family and care facility
  • Coordinate placement into a Personal Care Home or Nursing Facility, if a higher level of care is needed
  • Coordinate the Hospice Team and Bereavement Coordinator as needed
  • Provide information to the family on private duty caregivers, services provided by the Area Agency on Aging, information on funeral homes and services, VA benefits and insurance/financial assistance such as medical assistance, and other information
Spiritual Services
Grane Hospice offers Pastoral Care on both routine and emergency basis. The Pastoral Care Team at Grane Hospice is comprised of ordained ministers with various religious affiliations. However, in keeping with the Hospice philosophy, the goal of the Hospice Pastoral Care Team is to provide an interfaith forum where the spiritual needs of the individual is in the foreground, not the denomination. Relief also comes to our patients and their families knowing that Grane Hospice provides the spiritual services during and after your loved one departs. The spiritual team also can assist with funeral arrangements as well as conducting memorial services.
While Pastoral Care sometimes deals with religious concerns, it is more than “God talk”. As a discipline, Pastoral Care is available to help people as they struggle with questions and feelings which are often raised by a life-threatening illness:
Why me?
Why do good people suffer?
How do I find spiritual peace? What are my beliefs and feelings about illness and death?
How do I understand the successes and failures of my life?
How do I deal with regrets?
What do I need to say to the people I love?

If you have a spiritual affiliation, with your permission, we will contact your minister to advise him or her that you are in our care. We will also invite your minister to communicate with our Interdisciplinary team so that mutually, we can best serve your needs.
Bereavement Services
Grane Hospice considers the family's well being as important as the patients'. We provide unlimited bereavement services to all family members. Whether you need to share your grief with a bereavement counselor, social worker or our chaplain, our continuing support program will be available to your family with no time constraints.
Our Ministers
  • Provide a listening ear when you are worried, afraid, or just need to talk
  • Address spiritual concerns
  • Pray with you, read Scripture, or just sit quietly
  • Provide or arrange for religious sacraments or other religious rites
  • Conduct funeral or memorial services
Family Testimonial
Grane Hospice provides a higher level of hospice care to the patient and the family with a team oriented approach.
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What is Hospice Care?
Hospice Care is an affirmation of life that focuses on comfort, pain-free care when a loved-one is faced with a terminal illness.
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