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Grane Hospice Care uses the "team" approach to assure continuity of care. We will tailor an experienced team to meet your individual needs and deliver a personalized, focused care plan. We provide a Higher Level of hospice care through a low patient to Hospice Nurse ratio, allowing for more care time from our Hospice Nurses whenever needed. Our Hospice Aides provide additional personal care through bathing, feeding and dressing assistance. Our volunteers are also available for visits, errands and companionship. We are locally owned and operated and we care about all of our local communities. We strive to be the best hospice in Pennsylvania.
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Grane Hospice Services include:
  • On Call Hospice Support 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Pain Management (Medication to help with pain and discomfort)
  • Symptom Management (Medication to aid with anxiety, breathing, nausea and other symptoms)
  • Medication Coordination (Allows the proper medication to be available when needed)
  • Medical Equipment Coordination (Provides the necessary equipment to provide the greatest comfort)
  • Registered Hospice Nurses Visits (Scheduled to meet your individualized hospice nursing care plan)
  • Nurse Aide Visits (Scheduled to aid with personal care: bathing, feeding, dressing and other duties)
  • Hospice Team Visits (Hospice Counseling, Program implementation, insurance coverage, support and follow through visits)
  • Volunteer Visits (Scheduled for companionship, errands and light duties)
  • Unlimited Hospice Bereavement Services (Unlimited bereavement services to all hospice family members)
What is Hospice Care?
Hospice Care is an affirmation of life that focuses on comfort, pain-free care when a loved-one is faced with a terminal illness. Click Here for More >

Your Grane Hospice Team Includes:

  • Your Attending Physician
  • Hospice Medical Director
  • Registered Primary Hospice Care Nurse
  • Hospice Home Care Aide
  • Hospice Medical Social Worker
  • Hospice Chaplain
  • Hospice Care Counselors
  • Hospice Care Therapists
  • Hospice Volunteers
Physician Services
Our Physicians actively participate in admission, eligibility decisions and actively participate in home visits to hospice patients
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Nursing Care, Pain & Symptom Management, Medication
In-home visits by experienced, caring Hospice Care Nurses. 24-hours 7-days a week availability and support.
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Personal Hospice Care Services
Caring Nurse Aides provide bathing, feeding, dressing and other services in your home.
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Medical Social Services, Spiritual Services and Bereavement Services
Counseling for our patients and families. We help you through the emotional, financial and spiritual process.
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Volunteer Services
Volunteers visit you in your home and provide errands and companionship.
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Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy
Specialized Therapists to help increase the Quality and Comfort for the Body, Mind and Soul.
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Pharmacy, Medical Equipment & Supplies
We deliver and set up everything you need from hospital beds, oxygen and wheelchairs. 
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Respite, Continuous & General Inpatient Care
Short-term care outside the home providing temporary relief to those caring for family members. Continuing Care in the home and Inpatient facility care.
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We Honor Veterans Program Participant
Grane Hospice Care is a We Honor Veterans hospice participant in Pittsburgh, Altoona, Harrisburg, King of Prussia and York, PA.
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One Identified Community Liaison
Is dedicated to take care of everything you and your family need. After an inquiry is made, Grane Hospice will handle the rest! The admission process will begin immediately following a referral regardless if it is day or night. Our hospice staff will provide you, your family, facility and physician with real time updates. Constant communication is initiated at time of referral. Our Community Liaison will oversee and manage your care to make sure you and your family are provided with everything you need.
Safe and Efficient Transition Home
Grane will obtain and review clinical information, reach out to family, coordinate with the hospital or facility staff for discharge to home and your admission to Grane Hospice. We focus on making the transition to home as easy as possible for the patient.
Grane Hospice provides the following services:
  • Order any medical equipment that is needed and have it delivered to your home prior to the patient’s arrival
  • Identify the family’s or facility’s preferred pharmacy to have the medications provided as convenient and as quickly as possible, or have all prescribed medications delivered to your home, including those not related to the terminal diagnosis
  • Provide consultations and education to family’s on providing the safest environment possible for a loved one while remaining at home
  • Collaborate with the patient, family, and caregivers to provide the customized care that each patient wants and deserves
Consistency/Continuity in Care
We identify one hospice team to care for each patient/facility. Low patient to staff ratios allow us to have a consistent, daily presence. Consecutive 3-day SN visits, upon admission, allows us to create a true and comprehensive individualized plan of care.
Communication/Response Time
Grane Hospice Care provides weekend and evening 24/7 availability to speak to a human, not a machine. We have a 15-minute response time from the time a call is placed to our agency.  We staff in the areas we service, so each hospice team is local and available to meet patient needs as effectively as possible.
Aging in Place
We work with each facility’s contracted/preferred providers so we are able to assist with creating a safe environment wherever our patients consider home.
Industry Knowledge
We customize our services to work within the guidelines of each industry we service. We focus on being a part of their team, working within regulatory and policy perimeters.
Vigil Services
Our dedicated team of volunteers and staff feel no patient should die alone and families or caregivers should be supported through their very difficult journey. Vigil Services are offered to families and caregivers to support them and assure patients are comfortable through their last days.
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