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Home Health

Helping patients avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, speed up recovery time, and stay in the environment where they feel safe and secure: home.

We will tailor an experienced team to meet your individual needs and deliver a personalized, focused care plan.

At Grane Home Health, we understand that each patient has unique needs and there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to healthcare. Home Care is a great option for those who need extra assistance but do not need to be in a hospital or other care facility. Our services can help patients avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, speed up recovery times, and all them to stay in their own homes where they can feel safe and secure.

Home health care helps patients:

  • Recover in a safe, comfortable environment
  • Recover more completely with fewer setbacks
  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Regain independence in their own home

Our services include:

  • Transitional Care – Transitional care addresses the needs of a patients in a declining state of health who are not yet ready to enter hospice care.
  • Heart Health – Our special cardiac team uses a multifaceted approach to stabilize the patient’s condition, reduce re-hospitalizations, increase independence, and improve overall quality of life.
  • COPD Care – Grane’s COPD health care team works with each patient to develop a step-by-step symptom management plan.
  • Orthopedics – The program addresses recovery from surgery, pain control, and comprehensive rehabilitation. 
  • Sepsis Prevention – Best practice program to educate and train all staff in sepsis prevention, recognition, intervention, and treatment. 

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